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Hiring staff and keeping them employed becomes more and more difficult these days. In addition the competencies of today are totally different than the ones of tomorrow. Research has shown that the demand for well-educated people in logistics is incrasing. From data analysts, IT staff, logistics planners to logistic managers… This website answers your questions about logistics.

Our goal?

To develop and implement  an innovative educational programme to ensure that logistics students and professionals are ready for new competencies, technologies and trends of the future. This way we give the department of logistics a helping hand.

Our plan?

LogistiekLerenZonderGrenzen | Virtual Classrooms & Webinars

Webinars & virtual classrooms

Based on the needs of the business community, (interactive) virtual classrooms or webinars are developed. Undergraduate students, employees, mature students and secondary school teachers from Flanders and the Netherlands can join these virtual classrooms. For each of these four target audiences we have developed joint digital lessons.

LogistiekLerenZonderGrenzen | Student Challenges & College Tours

College tours & student challenges

At the end of a webinar, specially themed student challenges can be organised at companies, or ‘college tours’ at university colleges. What is the goal? We want to bring undergraduate students, employees, and mature students together and let them exchange their knowledge. Through such college tours the SMEs will also meet each other and share their expertise on a cross-border basis.

LogistiekLerenZonderGrenzen | Bedrijfsstages


As a result of close contacts being established between students and the professional world, Internships will be organised at SMEs across the border.

Our partners

This project has been financed within the Interreg V programme Flanders-Netherlands, the cross-border cooperation programme with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund. More info: www.grensregio.eu

The university colleges of PXL in Hasselt (Belgium) and Fontys in Venlo (The Netherlands are at the forefront of this international project, working closely together with ELC Limburg, KennisDC Logistiek, Voka – KvK Limburg, POM Limburg and companies in the logistics sector. Both the Belgian and Dutch provinces of Limburg are co-financing this project. Together, we want to contribute to better employees of the future.


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